Destroyed Brand is an international premium lifestyle clothier best known for its "destroyed" denim lines for men and women. Based out of Los Angeles, California, U.S.A., the Destroyed brand is not only a symbol of individuality but also that of paramount quality. Get Destroyed!

The History

Founded and led by entertainment marketing guru Keith Ruby, we began our company in earnest in late 2005 as a denim modifying service called "Destroyed Denim", promoting ourselves initially on Myspace, exposing us to tens of millions of web 2.0 surfers through various viral efforts. Customers sent in their favorite pair of denim or we offered a supply of jeans to be destroyed by our staff of FIDM fashion school students. Expanding to include shirts, hoodies and hats, we built a name for ourselves, receiving write-ups from the likes of Vanity Fair Magazine, the Economist, Business 2.0, The Wall Street Journal, Playboy Magazine and a feature on the Tyra Banks Show. In fall of 2006, Destroyed Brand became the new name, forging a dynamic path for the company's future. The lines progressively developed over seasons as a result of the continued success generated largely from viral promotional initiatives. Fast forward to December of 2007 with the release of the Britney Spears, highly anticipated music video, "Piece of Me". Britney Spears wearing Destroyed Brand in 17 separate shots of the video, was viewed hundreds of millions of times worldwide. This music video helped ignite Destroyed Brand into an internet sensation, generating monthly sales of denim by the hundreds, and fueling us to the next level. Recently our first 5 premium women's denim pieces were made exclusively on on website in summer of 2008.

The Future

Over the course of the next several months, with a design team soon to be announced, we will be developing a full holiday 2010 collection to include various styles of men's and women's premium denim and knits.   Destroyed Brand's collection will expand in terms of product depth and seasonal growth. Co-branding and licensing shall be hallmarks of our company's path to great prosperity, with denim remaining our foundation. High quality and unique products will help secure our unique position globally in the premium denim market. Our brand extension and marketing/PR efforts will forge our place as a leading, edgy, American lifestyle brand.

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