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  1. Denim Questions

  2. Ordering and Shipping Questions

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  1. Denim Questions

    Destroyed Brand is now selling both our original style distressed denim and a limited collection of premium, both of which are made in LA. The original style jeans are still our most popular, and hand destroyed using bleach and other tools and processes. Our premium denim is made with the finest of Japanese and American stretch denim and each jean is uniquely hand crafted with its own individual characteristics. Low-midrist waist, stylized contoured back pockets, and heavy duty 100% poly thread are important features of our product. Unique alloy buttons and rivets, embroidered inner waistband and back pocket design. Artistic white pigment dey application ensures fabric strength to heavily grinded regions of jeans.


    Answers to most of your questions are below:


    1. How do you make them?

    The new premium destroyed style of womens denim are colored with pigment dye and acrylic paints in place of bleach so fabric integrity is maintained. We use bleach and tools to mess up our original destroyed denim.


    2. Sizes

    We are currently able to supply denim jeans for women's sizes 25-30 waist.

    Destroyed Brand uses 98% cotton and 2% lycra stretch denim, giving it a stretchiness that is very forgiving.  Even the pickiest of customers have loved our jeans. They look hot tight or even a little looser so you can't really go wrong when you order a pair and if they are a size off. 


    3. What are the measurements of the jeans and skirts you provide?

    Please visit the sizing chart area of our site for the complete lowdown of our sizes of mens and womens denim. Click here to see the sizing info area.


    4. Style & Color:

    Currently our premium womens denim is available in skinny (dark blue and black), straight leg (medium blue and dark blue) and boot cut (medium blue and dark blue). As for our soon to be discontinued original destroyed style of denim, we have offer one distressed style for men (varies between straight and relaxed fit) and two distressed styles for women's jeans to choose from ( dark blue and medium blue boot cut).

    5. Plus or Irregular Sizes:

    Currently we don't supply any sizes of women's jeans beyond a waist size of 32 (25 to 32 for our original non premium destroyed style of denim). The premium denim is available in sizes 25-30. If you need an extra long length, or are plus size beyond a 32, send in your own denim and we'll do them up (to be discontinued by September 2008)


    6. Submission Info for You Supply Your Own Denim Option

    If you want your own denim destroyed (available until September 2008), you can send in your own pair, provided they meet the following criteria:

    • They must be washed and clean when we receive them
    • They should be a color of blue or indigo. We can do black or other colors but blue or indigo colors honestly looks the best. 
    • The denim must be slightly worn in feeling and broken in.

    7. Where do I send my denim to?

    If you send in your own pair of jeans to be destroyed, they need be sent to the following address:

    Destroyed Brand - 201 S. Massachusetts Lake Elsinore, CA 92530 

    Please include a copy of the order receipt along with the denim that you send in.

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  2. Ordering and Shipping Questions

    1. Prices

    Please visit our online store for the latest prices on Destroyed Brand denim and clothing.

    Shipping, rush fees and taxes (if located in the state of California) are additional. Prices are subject to change at anytime. International customers are also responsible for all duties and tariff's applied to orders.


    2. Payment Options

    Payment can be made via THREE different ways

    A. Credit card: Visa, and MasterCard cards accepted through our ultra-secure Comodo 128K security encrypted shopping cart. American Express as a payment option is coming soon.

    B. Paypal: You can make a payment via Paypal if you have funds within your Paypal account or feel more comfortable using them for your credit card payment.

    C. Print out your order and call it or email it to us with all of your contact info. Reach us at customer support at 323-786-9329 or email We'll get back to you within 1 business day and have you fill out a credit card authorization form and send back to us.


    3. Shipping Costs

    Shipping costs on all items are additional to the cost per item. We use both UPS and USPS for our shipping services. There are a few different shipping options to choose from. Our online order form automatically calculates the price based on your location, weight and size of item and delivery time desired. UPS offers an overnight, 2 day and ground shipping option. Ground shipping takes 2-4 days depending on your location within USA, longer if you are international.

    All rush orders must choose overnight shipping as their shipping method or else we'll use standard UPS ground shipping but ship the order within the week.


    4. Order Turnaround Time

    With the exception of holiday season, Please expect between 2-4 weeks to receive your order from the time we receive confirmation of payment or and denim if you supply your own. quicker the shipping option you choose, the sooner you will receive your final product. Orders will be done on a first come-first serve basis unless you choose the rush option. International orders may take longer, depending on custom delays.


    5. Rush Order Option

    If you would like to receive your order within one week of receipt of payment, a $15 fee per order can be paid in addition to the item and shipping cost. This rush option needs to be indicated on the order form that you complete. If you choose the rush order option, you should select UPS overnight shipping as your shopping method. We guarantee the order to be shipped within a week with the rush option but will use the shipping option that you pay for.

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  3. Care Instructions & Return/Exchange Policy

    1. Care for Product/Deterioration Disclaimer


    All pairs of Destroyed Brand Clothing come with the disclaimer that you are buying a pair of denim or clothing that has been chemically altered and partially destroyed. They are subject to continued deterioration as you wear them and with that said a possibility that after more wear and tear they become more destroyed. Therefore we cannot issue refunds or exchanges based on their after-purchase condition or deterioration,. To avoid your denim being more torn or altered the following is the best way to care for them. After you receive them, wash in cold water on gentle cycle, hand wash, or dry clean. Dry them on tumble dry low heat or hang to dry. If you follow these instructions, your clothing will continue to look better every time you wear them!

    2. Return/Exchange Policy.


    If you are buying a pair of our supplied jeans or one of our tops, given the nature of this product, there are NO refunds for customers that are dissatisfied with the fit or look. However if the item doesn't fit or you are dissatisfied with it, provided they are in the same condition you received them in, along with a check or money order of $10 per item (to cover the cost of us shipping exchanged items back to you) and send them back within 7 days of receiving your order, we'll accommodate an exchange. With the product being returned, please include the original receipt along with the item and size of the product you would like to exchange it with (must be of equal or less value than the item(s) being returned). Address to send: 201 S. Massachusetts Lake Elsinore, CA 92530

    If you supplied us with your own denim:

    Given the nature of this product, we are unable to offer any sort of refund if you are dissatisfied with the fit or look. However we will consider exchanging an item for another of equal or less value if the return is made within seven days of customer receipt of the item.

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