Destroyed Brand’s  sexy low rise jeans have become the defining authority of popular lowrise denim fashion for men and women. Numerous celebrities, including Britney Spears, have catapulted the contemporary jeans into one of the most sought after denim jeans nationwide. Combining the vintage essence of the 60's and 70's with a sexy modern twist, Destroyed Brand takes lowrise denim to a new level of seductive fashion.


Destroyed Brand creates the finest premium lowrise denim today . Bold, edgy, ripped and sleek, low rise denim jeans have been producing the ultimate fashion statement since 2005. Low rise denim can be worn at practically any occasion, from a wild night on the town to a leisurely day of shopping, and are made to draw the extra attention that will make you stand out in a crowd.


We are confident that our low rise jeans will help you look slimmer, uplift your bum and slim your thighs. Our mission is to make you feel assured about your figure and bring out its sexy beauty. The key is to simply choose a style that appeals to you and that compliments your body shape. Our lowrise denim will flaunt all the right places while producing a slimmer, sleeker outline.


Also check out our new collection of grinded fitted men's and women's shirts and hoodies. The vintage washed tops will add to the contemporary style of the low rise jeans, including our latest designs created by rock artist Alan Forbes.


In late 2008, Destroyed Brand will introduce premium low rise denim jean, shirt and hat collections to retail stores nationwide. This collection marks a new direction in popular denim wear. Stay tuned and join our mailing list to keep posted on our exciting happenings. Destroyed Brand originates the sexiest low rise jeans and lowrise denim for men and women in retail today!

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