Dirty jeans have been popular for numerous decades, but with the introduction of Destroyed Brand’s dirty denim, they have become the upmost authority in contemporary fashion for both men and women.  Inspired by the vintage denim jeans of the 60's and 70's, Destroyed Brand takes jeans to a new level of modern style. Bold, sleek and sexy, dirty jeans flaunt all the right places and are not for the faint of heart. The lavishly ripped and bleached jeans have transformed old plain pants into the ultimate fashion statement.

It’s no wonder that numerous celebrities wear dirty jeans, including Britney Spears in her sexy comeback video “Piece Of Me” which won numerous MTV video music awards. Whether partying in a VIP nightclub or every day on the street, dirty wash jeans are certain to create a sleek silhouette that will make heads turn. Ever since the creation of contemporary denim jeans in the 50's, jeans are particularly identified with popular youth culture, rebellion and rock & roll.

Destroyed Brand’s denim jeans come in an assortment of many different styles, washings and colors. A premium skinny cut jean will extenuate the figure while the premium boot cut jean will give a vintage flare. The denim straight cut jean is the pant Britney Spears prefers and is a good mix of both the skinny and boot cut styles. Due to the elaborate work that goes into making a pair of dirty jeans, no two jeans are the same. Every distressed jean is ripped, dyed, bleached, washed and made to suffer to make the wearer look like a superstar. Destroyed Brand works hard at making the finest, high-quality ripped jeans, so you don’t have to.

Not only are dirty jeans erotic and seductive, but they are also very comfortable. The dirty jeans are put through numerous washings to give them a soft, sensual feel. Men and women will both agree that dirty denim jeans are the dirtiest, sexiest jeans on the web.

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