Best Straight Cut Jeans Online

Destroyed Brand’s collection of women’s and men’s straight jeans, straight leg denim and straight leg blue jean pants are taking the fashion and rock-n-roll scenes by storm and we want you to get in on all of the action!

Last year Britney Spears herself was featured wearing the Destroyed 2008 Premium Midnight Blue straight leg jean in her music video for “Piece of Me,” giving our men’s and women’s Destroyed trademark jean a serious leg up in an industry known for its pickiness when it comes to finding the best straight leg blue jean cut and fit.

Destroyed Brand’s 2008 Premium Midnight Blue straight leg denim pants offers a low- to mid-rise waist, with carefully contoured pockets and unique embroidered designs, the one-of-a-kind cabello stitch upper body, and limited edition alloy molded buttons/rivets.  As is the case with the entire Destroyed line, each of our womens and mens straight leg denim jeans are uniquely created using nothing but the finest of Japanese and American stretch denim fabric available, making sure your straight leg jeans offer you the best leg, hip, and backside fit possible. 

Men’s and Women’s Straight Leg Blue Jeans

The Destroyed Brand denim jean trademark is simple: every pair of our straight jeans   are completely stylized with contoured back pockets and embroidered with one-of-a-kind designs, bolstered by heavy duty, 100 percent ply thread, unique alloy buttons and rivets, and embroidered inner waistbands

Destroyed Brand men’s and women’s straight leg denim jeans are carefully colored with special pigment dyes and acrylic paints.  We use these elements to create the trademark Destroyed look rather than the old-school chemical or bleaching process.  This way, we work to preserve the integrity and colors of our high-quality fabrics and provide you with a line of straight jeans, straight leg denim and straight leg blue jean pants offering the ultimate in fit, cut and flexibility.


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